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Travel & Extra Information

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Internal Travel will include transfers to and from all the resepctive locations via comfortable charter buses and an internal plane flight between San Diego and San Jose

Organising your External flights some possible suggestions

Arrival - As the tour requires you to be at San Diego Holiday Inn Bayside by Sunday 5pm 20th September - One Option is to fly from Australia to LA then an Amtrak Train (run approx each hour) train from LA Union Station to San Diego. The very comfortable train trip takes about 2.5 hrs and cost about $49 aud. Another option is to fly from LA to San Diego (about 50mins) with one of the local carriers.

Departure - As the Tour is completed at about 11 am Sat 26th September, you may choose to fly from San Francisco Airport to Australia or via LA airport.


Please makes sure your passport is current with at least 4 months expiry time remaining from the time you enter USA.


Australia is part of the Visa Waiver Program with USA however Australian Citizens need to fill out the electronic authorisation system at least 72hours before departing Australia

Travel Insurance

As with normal International Travel, please organise your own travel insurance. 

Note: The Lutheran Church of Australia Travel Insurance does provide cover for all employees and their spouses on work travel at no extra cost to the employee. They have also agreed to cover the non-Lutheran Employees in the group provided the tour is supporting their work with Lutheran Education (please discuss with the LCA contact). The policy does cover non-business attached days eg holiday days either side however please check proportion requirements.

As mentioned in previous years, managing travel Insurance for this learning tour  in deciding to only cover under the LCA or to utilise additional personal travel insurance is your responsibility and decision. 

If you wish to discuss the policy or ask questions, the LCA Insurance Contacts  include Christine Noble  Aon Risk Solutions  |  Corporate Division  t: +61883011114 | f: +61883011100 | m: +61410546325 or Graeme Tscharke LCA Insurance Manager  |  LCA Insurance Email:  |  Web: Tel: 08 83607223  |  Mob: 0434819957
They are always happy to assist

Dress Code

As we are visiting and working with colleagues from other schools and learning institutions, normal school attire during visits will be preferred. For male attendees ties are not required. Please note that reasonable amounts of walking will be involved each day so appropriate comfortable shoes are recommended.

Pre-readings and Resources

This site at a later date will suggest further related  resources and readings in addition to the existing  ones which have been shared


Partners are welcome to attend the tour and workshops/visits in its entirety provided they complete full registration (less accommodation). If partners only wish to attend some dinners and utilise accommodation, then the appropriate costs will be negotiated in relation to internal travel, dinners and some related taxes.


Accommodation has been chosen to be that of very comfortable or approximately 4 star USA standard with individual rooms per participant. (unless partners are attending)

Dietary Requirements

This will be compiled at a later date


Please contact Derek Bartels via phone 0409491441 or 07 35114055 or email

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